WISER Stakeholder Workshops in Addis Ababa and Mwanza

24.4.2018 and 27.4.2018

Workshops were held in April at the Getfam Hotel in Addis Ababa and at the National Institute for Medical Research in Mwanza, at which the WISER research activities were presented to stakeholders, who then shared their knowledge and information about their relevant current activities and priorities. Attendees and speakers included representatives from the Ethiopian, Tanzanian and Ugandan Ministries of Health and from a wide range of NGOs, charities, foundations and local university researchers. An afternoon session, facilitated by colleagues from Acting for Health, engaged invited members of the WISER case study communities, to explore their understanding of schistosomiasis and the challenges faced in solving it. While in Tanzania, the team also visited one of the communities and had a chance to do some snail hunting.